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Care Property Management is a specialist property management company dedicating 100% of our time on property management services. We specialize in managing properties and unlike most traditional real estate agencies we don’t sell property, we do one thing and one thing only; provide the best possible leasing and property management experience to our landlords and tenants. 

We provide a detailed customer service for both our landlord clients and our valued tenants. We believe that service is not just commercial – it’s a way of living that pays attention and cares about others. Good service means keeping our promises and being present, open and honest in our business practices. Our customer service principles and our service guarantee will provide you with peace of mind.

We have found that all property investors want the best property management service with constant communication and to have their phone calls answered, every investor wants the best tradespeople to carry out their property maintenance and at a fair and reasonable price, and all investors want to have the best qualified tenants renting their property. With this information in mind, why then compromise with not having the best Property Management company who specialize 100% in looking after your property? A specialist company that focuses 100% on being the very best property manager is always going to outperform that of a company selling property and managing property at the same time. Why would you put your valuable investment in the hands of a company that doesn’t specialize in property management?

At Care Property Management, our property managers complete very detailed entry and exit condition report’s spending a minimum 2 hours at the property and in the process capturing 200-800 photos (depending on the property size) for the file. This comprehensive report assists us greatly with minimizing all tenant disputes when they vacate the property as they are aware of the condition when they move in and have acknowledged the in-going inspection photos.

As we are a specialist property management company, we can dedicate more time when we perform our condition reports as we value the benefit that these reports have for our clients. This is yet another way of how we offer added protection to our client’s investment property.

We believe property ownership is the single greatest wealth builder available.

It provides the real opportunity to control your financial future, nurture your family, travel, enjoy life and retire with peace of mind. We are passionate about the opportunity to share our expert knowledge and experience with those who want to create financial independence through property.

We also believe quality communication is the cornerstone for a successful property management relationship and that focus produces the best results.

Confronted by a stream of Real Estate Agent Principals who had never themselves owned investment property, were running teams of inexperienced and careless staff and not themselves being active in the department, frustrated by poor communication from property managers too often, not returning phone calls, constant rent arrears, property maintenance that wasn’t completed appropriately causing expenses to build up and periodic inspections not been conducted, Rebecca decided there was a better way. Rebecca’s vision for Care Property Management is to address these shortcomings of the industry but also to maximize investment returns for owners while trying to eliminate the often time-consuming and stressful nature of property ownership.

Created by a passionate property investor and comprised of a like-minded team of industry professionals, Care Property Management prides itself on delivering proactive, efficient and comprehensive property management services.

When you engage Care Property Management to manage your investment property, you will immediately realize that you are dealing with a professional property management company allowing you to take a back seat and relax knowing that with our years of experience, dedication and our professional management team, your property is in very safe hands.

After all, you have the choice to choose who manages your investment property so why not choose the very best property management company – Care Property Management!

We do what we do….. Because we Care!


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